Energy Management Information Systems (EMIS)

EPS specializes in “making energy visible” by helping organizations to build energy management information systems (EMIS) that enable them to better “see” their energy consumption, set standards for where their consumption should be and to drive energy savings results.


EPS does not sell or represent any EMIS software or equipment. We customize EMIS for the customers’ particular existing hardware/software infrastructure and as much as possible we leverage assets that are already in place and which are already being used day to day.

EPS defines EMIS as an integrated system that combines metering, process measurements, data collection and storage infrastructure, reporting and data analysis software with people and organizational processes enabling organizations to effectively manage energy.

EPS works with industrial organizations to develop the business case, the design, the implementation and the operation of EMIS. We customize an EMIS solution for each customer’s unique needs. EPS is a full service EMIS provider, not a seller of software or hardware.

I found the EMIS/ISO Audit process to be very valuable and informative. We had a rough picture how our energy was being used however the initial audit gave us a very detailed picture of our energy usage and was presented in a format that was relatable to all functional areas of the business.  The EMIS/ISO audit was very comprehensive and helped us visualize our processes from a new perspective.


Gary Schleicher

Plant Engineering Manager, APTAR

EPS’s services span the following four stages:


  • Build a business case for the implementation of EMIS including scope, costs and potential savings


  • Detailed development of EMIS plan including
    • Integration with management processes
    • Energy account center structure
    • Data analysis and reporting
    • Metering and data capture
    • Training plan


  • Project management of implementation
  • Integration with management processes
  • Detailed configuration of reports and dashboards
  • Support for metering and data capture
  • Provision of training


  • Remote monitoring and analysis
  • Expansion of operational control measures
  • Modification/optimization of reports
  • Training
Efficiency Nova Scotia produced this video capturing CKF’s perspective on EMIS. The EMIS system that EPS designed and implemented has been producing substantial energy savings every year since commencement in 2014.