Strategic Energy Management (SEM)

EPS provides industrial Strategic Energy Management (SEM) Program services to guide industrial organizations through one or multi-year processes to establish systematic energy management practices and to produce measurable operational energy savings.

EPS supports industrial companies to:
  • Establish senior management support for energy management
  • Set up an active Energy Team process
  • Carry out Energy Planning including running Treasure Hunts to develop and Action Plan for improvement
  • Establish an energy baseline model for measuring improvement in energy performance
  • Implement Action Plans and generate energy savings
  • Establish a process to ensure continuous improvement of energy

Through Strategic Energy Management, EPS coaches and supports clients to establish a basic energy management system for driving year over year improvement in energy.

EPS is currently delivering SEM for Efficiency Nova Scotia in Nova Scotia, the Focus on Energy SEM Leaders Program in Wisconsin and PG&E’s SEM Industrial program in California.

EPS provided a mature, turn-key EMIS assessment and implementation approach that was able to immediately provide value to our customers. We have learned a lot working with EPS and I feel that EPS would bring unrivaled value to any team hoping to deliver professional, high-quality, EMIS services to their customers.


Nate Altfeather

Project Design Engineer, LEIDOS LLC

As part of giving EPS the Partnership Award in 2017, Efficiency Nova Scotia produced this short video in recognition of EPS’s excellent EMIS work with Nova Scotia industries.

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