Working towards a sustainable future

EPS is currently working extensively with energy efficiency programs and industrial organizations to implement successful energy management systems and energy management information systems (EMIS) and in industrial facilities leading to both energy savings and environmental benefits.

2010 to Today

Having gained experience in the engagement of individual industries in developing and executing energy efficiency projects in the 1990’s, then expanding reach to regional industrial markets in the first decade of the 2000’s EPS is now concentrating on equipping industrial and large institutional organizations with energy management systems, tools and competencies.


In the first decade of the new millennium, EPS parlayed its experience with the engagement and penetration of large energy using organizations in making energy efficiency improvements into the effectiveness of energy efficiency programs in markets such as New Brunswick Canada, Brazil, Japan, Indian, Thailand, Vietnam and Russia. .


EPS has been pioneering in the industrial energy efficiency market since its inception in 1992. Our company focused in the 1990’s on the development and implementation of energy efficiency projects in process industry (steel, pulp & paper, mining, glass, textile, manufacturing). EPS’s success in Canada led to extensive international work in countries such as India, Thailand, Japan, Vietnam, Russia, Brazil and Columbia.

EPS’s success in the 1990’s in penetrating diverse industrial markets around the world with innovative energy efficiency services has resulted in extensive work with energy efficiency program organizations. EPS effectively aligns the design and execution of energy efficiency programs with the needs of the industrial market resulting in award winning programs.