Energy Performance Services (EPS) Inc. is an energy management consulting firm serving industry, energy efficiency programs and institutions. The firm celebrated 25 years of service in 2017 and has built its reputation by providing high quality, ground-breaking services to customers in Canada, the U.S. and internationally. EPS continues to evolve and innovate in this exciting era where energy and environmental issues are converging and leading our customers to seek more advanced ways to use and manage energy in a sustainable manner.


Energy Performance Services (EPS) Inc. is owned and managed by Peter Bassett, an energy management professional, with over 35 years of specialized energy efficiency and energy management experience.


  • 1990’s

    EPS has been pioneering in the industrial energy efficiency market since its inception in 1992. Our company focused in the 1990’s on the development and implementation of energy efficiency projects in process industry (steel, pulp & paper, mining, glass, textile, manufacturing). EPS’s success in Canada led to extensive international work in countries such as India, Thailand, Japan, Vietnam, Russia, Brazil and Columbia.

    EPS’s success in the 1990’s in penetrating diverse industrial markets around the world with innovative energy efficiency services has resulted in extensive work with energy efficiency program organizations. EPS effectively aligns the design and execution of energy efficiency programs with the needs of the industrial market resulting in award winning programs.

  • 2000-2010

    In the first decade of the new millennium, EPS parlayed its experience with the engagement and penetration of large energy using organizations in making energy efficiency improvements into the effectiveness of energy efficiency programs in markets such as New Brunswick Canada, Brazil, Japan, Indian, Thailand, Vietnam and Russia. .

  • 2010 to Today

    Having gained experience in the engagement of individual industries in developing and executing energy efficiency projects in the 1990’s, then expanding reach to regional industrial markets in the first decade of the 2000’s EPS is now concentrating on equipping industrial and large institutional organizations with energy management systems, tools and competencies.

  • Working towards a sustainable future

    EPS is currently working extensively with energy efficiency programs and industrial organizations to implement successful energy management systems and energy management information systems (EMIS) and in industrial facilities leading to both energy savings and environmental benefits.


It is your professionalism, work ethic, and expertise that not only make your company so successful, but make 3M successful!


Jeff van Geel

3M Canada Sourcing Operations & Package Enginnering Manage, 3M CANADA

With EPS, ENS has experienced 100% conversion rate on projects with organizations that enter into a letter of intent prior to the commencement of an EMIS Audit.


Andrea Henwood

Program Manager, Energy Management Information Systems, Strategic Energy Management, EFFICIENCY NOVA SCOTIA

Peter Bassett of EPS has provided excellent overall leadership to the ISO 50001 implementation process leading to successful certification of ISO 50001 at the 3M Brockville facility and then at the 3M London facility.

Andrew J. Hejnar

P.Eng. | Energy Manager, 3M CANADA

Thank you and your team very much for your knowledge, support, prodding, skills and everything else it took to help us achieve this [ISO 50001 Certification]. The last update to the energy performance tracking tool really helped us see the progress we are making and be able to effectively communicate that to the right people internally.  This is only the beginning and because we are able to effectively communicate our goals and progress, we will be able to drive our energy management forward more effectively.

Gary Schleicher

Plant Engineering Manager, APTAR

EPS provided a mature, turn-key EMIS assessment and implementation approach that was able to immediately provide value to our customers.   

We have learned a lot working with EPS and I feel that EPS would bring unrivaled value to any team hoping to deliver professional, high-quality, EMIS services to their customers.


Nate Altfeather

Project Design Engineer, LEIDOS LLC

I found the EMIS/ISO Audit process to be very valuable and informative. We had a rough picture how our energy was being used however the initial audit gave us a very detailed picture of our energy usage and was presented in a format that was relatable to all functional areas of the business.  The EMIS/ISO audit was very comprehensive and helped us visualize our processes from a new perspective.


Gary Schleicher

Plant Engineering Manager, APTAR

Charter Steel benefitted tremendously from our participation in the SEM program. SEM helped us to establish a clear structure for developing an energy management system within a large industrial manufacturing organization and we achieved significant energy savings from operational actions.

The SEM coach Peter Bassett brought highly valuable expertise to our team resulting in an accelerated process to develop and implement our energy management system. We highly recommend this process and team to others looking to participate in SEM.

Tari Emerson, P.E., CEM

Director of Energy, Charter Steel

Peter Bassett has brought EMIS from concept to reality in the New Brunswick marketplace through education, communication, dedicated account management and the ability to speak strategically with leaders in industry.


Lesley Rogers

Vice President, Efficiency New Brunswick

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