Energy Management Systems


EPS helps organizations to implement energy management systems such as ISO 50001, Superior Energy Performance and 50001-Ready by providing services from the initial business case justification through to implementation and certification of the energy management systems.
ISO 50001
EPS started implementing ISO 50001 in 2010 as the new ISO 50001 standard was being finalized internationally.This led to one of the successful first pilot certifications ISO 50001 in Canada for 3M Canada at their Brockville facility. Following successful implementation of 3M’s first facility to ISO 50001, EPS helped 3M Canada to build business cases for each of its facilities across Canada (7 facilities) and then to implement and certify the plants to the ISO 50001 Standard. In 2016/17, EPS helped 3M Canada to design and Enterprise ISO 50001 system that was successfully certified and simplified and reduced the auditing requirements for ongoing maintenance of the ISO 50001 certification.

Superior Energy Performance
EPS is qualified to lead industrial organizations in the implementation and certification of Superior Energy Performance including all aspects of ISO 50001 and MSE 50021 and verification of energy performance improvement using the SEP M&V Protocol. EPS has staff qualified by the Institute for Energy Management Professionals as Certified Practitioners Energy Management Systems-Industrial (CP EnMS) as well as SEP Performance Verifier. EPS led 3M Brockville to successfully achieve SEP Platinum certification as one of the first pilot organizations in North America to achieve that designation.

EPS has extensive experience in leading industrial organizations in the implementation of ISO 50001. Since beginning with 3M in 2011 to implement ISO 50001 and SEP, EPS has assisted 16 companies in the implementation of ISO 50001, SEP and 50001-Ready. The 50001-Ready Program can be an excellent means for organizations not ready to take on full certification of ISO 50001 to still implement most of a full energy management system. EPS is currently leading 5 companies under the 50001-Ready Program.

EPS has worked on a number of ISO 50001, Superior Energy Performance and 50001-Ready assignments including the following:

  • Canadian Co-trainer leading 9 corporations (covering 19 plants) in Canada/US/Mexico to implementation of ISO 50001/SEP
  • Guidance of 3 participants in the Focus on Energy SEM Leaders Program in Wisconsin: Charter Steel, GKN Sinter Metals and Aptar to successful implementation and certification to ISO 50001;
  • Leading of 2 participants in the Focus on Energy SEM Leaders Program in Wisconsin: Quad Graphics and Foremost Farms to the 50001-Ready status;
  • Assistance to IBM-Bromont to improve its ISO 50001 system and of Kruger-Gatineau to implement ISO 50001 as part of the Hydro-Quebec Energy Management Systems Program.
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  • Carrying out of a gap analysis of the organization’s current energy management practices vs. the requirements of ISO 50001
  • Development of a work plan for closing the gaps
  • Development of a business case (implementation costs and savings) associated with the implementation of the energy management system


  • EPS will assist the organization with implementation of all aspects of energy management systems including establishment of required documentation, procedures, processes and systems as well as training of the organization and internal auditors


  • EPS will support organizations through the EnMS certification stage for ISO 50001. EPS does not provide certification services but rather assists organizations in preparing for and successfully obtaining certification


See below the companies we helped to achieve the ISO 50001 certification.

Energy Performance Services | Energy Efficiency Consulting | EPS 3M_Certificate_2 Energy Management Systems

EPS supported 3M Canada Company to meet the ISO 50001 and Superior Energy PerformanceCM Requirements and become a Platinum Certified Partner.

Energy Performance Services | Energy Efficiency Consulting | EPS Charter_2 Energy Management Systems

EPS supported <strong>Charter Steel </strong>in obtaining the <strong>ISO 50001 </strong>certification.

Energy Performance Services | Energy Efficiency Consulting | EPS GKN_1 Energy Management Systems

EPS supported <strong>GKN Sinter Metals LLC </strong>in obtaining the <strong>ISO 50001 </strong>certification.

Peter Bassett of EPS has provided excellent overall leadership to the ISO 50001 implementation process leading to successfull certification of ISO 50001 at the 3M Brockville facility and then at the 3M London facility. Andrew J. Hejnar

P. Eng. | Energy Manager, <b>3M CANADA</b>

Thank you and your team very much for your knowledge, support, prodding, skills and everything else it took to help us achieve this [ISO 50001 Certification]. The last update to the energy performance tracking tool really helped us see the progress we are making and be able to effectively communicate that to the right people internally.  This is only the beginning and because we are able to effectively communicate our goals and progress, we will be able to drive our energy management forward more effectively. Gary Schleicher

Plant Engineering manager, <b>Aptar</b>

Charter Steel benefitted tremendously from our participation in the SEM program. SEM helped us to establish a clear structure for developing an energy management system within a large industrial manufacturing organization and we achieved significant energy savings from operational actions.

The SEM coach Peter Bassett brought highly valuable expertise to our team resulting in an accelerated process to develop and implement our energy management system. We highly recommend this process and team to others looking to participate in SEM. Tari Emerson, P.E., CEM

Director of Energy, <b>Charter Steel</b>